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Study Lead

I am a post-doctoral fellow in the Inequality in America Initiative at Harvard University, working with Dr. Mahzarin Banaji. 
I am interested in the development of racial bias. Specifically, I investigate two topics: (1) what is the development of racial bias, and (2) How to reduce peoples’ racial bias.
To answer these questions, I developed a child-version IAT (Implicit Association Test, https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/canada/takeatest.html), the Implicit Racial Bias Test to study the early development of racial bias. Also, I am working on a training program to reduce children’s racial bias, referred to as Individuation Training.


Team Lead

Hello, my name is Nicole Zhang. I am a senior undergraduate student at the University of Toronto Studying psychology and sociology. Besides working with Kitty on the Implicit Bias project, I am also working on a collaborative research project on domestic violence. I hope to pursue a master degree in school clinical or counselling psychology.


Co-team Lead

Hello, my name is Kristie Wang. I am currently a fourth year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto majoring in genetics and psychology. I've been working with Kitty for two years where I enjoyed working with children. This inspired me to pursue teaching children science and psychology.


Research Assistant

Hi, my name is Dylan Williams. I am a fourth year psychology student at the University of Toronto and the leader of the Racial Bias Team. I have spent over two years working alongside Miao and helping her with her research. I hope that one day I too can take part in graduate studies within the psychological field.


Research Assistant

Hello, My name is Precious Ofoezie. A fourth year undergraduate at University of Toronto working towards my H.BSc degree, majoring in Health and Disease and Psychology and minoring in Immunology. I am a research assistant at Kang Leelab and my previous projects with my colleague, Tabitha, involved studying racial bias in adults. I am currently working as a part of the bias team to examine social attitudes in children. In the future, I intend to go to medical school and utilize my insight on behavioral displays and social attitudes to better my approach as a doctor.


Research Assistant

Hello, my name is Carmina Santos. I am a candidate for a H.BSc in Life Science from the University of Toronto. At Dr. Kang Lee's Development Lab, I support Kitty Miao Qian's investigation of implicit racial bias. In the future, I hope to perform interdisciplinary research with women and children and apply my knowledge in the healthcare setting.


Former Research Assistant

Hello, my name is Esther Arquillano. I received my H.BSc degree from the University of Toronto, specializing in psychology and majoring in neuroscience. As a research assistant at Dr. Kang Lee's Development Lab, I worked with Miao Kitty Qian to examine children's social attitudes and behaviours. I assisted with a training program that aimed to reduce children's implicit racial biases through face recognition. Currently, I am completing my Masters of Arts in Early Childhood Education at the University of British Columbia focusing on developing teaching methods to enhance both social and emotional skills in conjunction with academic success.


Former Research Assistant

Hello, my name is Lucy Zhang. I am currently working towards my H.BSc degree from the University of Toronto and I double major in Psychology and Neuroscience. I am currently volunteering at the hospital, Kang Lee Lab, and Toronto Distress Centre. I love working and talking to people; I particularly enjoy the process of sharing a conversation with an individual and help him/her recognize his/her potential. In the recent future, I am hoping to go into Counselling with the specialization in substance abuse.


Former Research Assistant

Hello, my name is Jingyi Li. Currently I am a junior undergraduate majoring in psychology in Soochow University. My experience with Dr. VanderLaan and Kitty Miao Qian involves examining children’s social preference at the intersection of race, gender and gender typed behaviour. As a summer research assistant in Dr. Kang Lee’s Development Lab, I also assist with project regarding racial bias. I hope to study children’s social development or social cognition in my future graduate years.


Research Assistant

Hello, my name is Ubtan. I am currently working towards my H.BSc degree at the University of Toronto. I work with Kitty Miao Qian as a research assistant within the racial bias team, at Dr. Kang Lee's Lab. I look forward to going to professional school and using my experiences at the lab, to enhance my own perception, as well as better understand others.

More information about the lab I currently conduct my research at, please visit:

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